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Wendy: I am in Taipei and looking for an Italian teacher who can give one by one lessons on Aug.(both grammar and conversation) It is fine if only speak English and Italian. Plz contact me via email:grill0702@hotmail.com

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I’m an Italian- American guy currently living in Rome( Italy).
    I’m going to graduate at the end of march and i was planning to move to Taiwan to teach English with a tesol certificate and as i’m also native italian speaker i would like to give some italian lessons.. Could you help me to find people who are interested in learning italian? Where should i go to find some student? Could you Help me to find the best school in Taipei where i should teach once i’m there? Thank you so much
    Hope to see you soon
    Best wishes


  2. My name is Micia, I’m a preschool teacher in Taipei. and had been live in Italy for 6 months some years ago. I would like to practice my italian and looking for a teacher or language exchange person. My e-mail adress: fusco@ms61.url.com.tw

  3. I’m an Italian teacher and I teach Italian, History, Geography and Latin in Italy.
    I offer Italian lessons by email or skype.
    I provide a complete course from beginners to advanced level.
    Each lesson is only 15 $. First lesson free.
    E-mail me: monicaguido78@gmail.com

  4. Hi everyone,
    I found this blog and I was wondering if you can help me.
    I would like to teach Italian abroad but I don’t have a proper qualification…mine is based on the experience I have achieved leaving abroad for many years and being on the other side as a student…
    Since I came back to Italy I taugh Italian and English but my goal would be travelling and teaching..

    ANy sugesstions ?
    Thanks !


  5. i am an italian teacher in Rome but I use to teach on skype for my students abroad.
    if you are interested please write me:marzia.fichera@fastwebnet.it

  6. Hi Wendy,

    I would be very happy to help you. Unfortunately I will only come to Taipei on the 28th of August, but if you want to continue studying Italian after the summer I can help.
    I’m an italian teacher, I have taught Italian in Europe and in the People’s Republic of China (Nanjing)before. i really like to teach my native language and, as I’m moving to Taipei, I will need new friends.
    take care,

  7. Hi Wendy! I am an italian girl and I will arrive in Taipei 15th of July! I will leave 13th of August so if I can help you with Italian if it’s ok for you!

  8. Hello,
    if you need i can help you sometimes.
    I’m Italian, i just came back from Taiwan.
    I can help by internet if you like.



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